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3 Reasons why your business needs an integrated CRM system

By Tryoup team on 17th July, 2020

Customer relationship marketing systems are great, but without being integrated with the rest of your organisations processes, it doesn't allow you to see the bigger picture. With an integrated CRM you've got oversight on everything, and the ability to improve every aspect of your processes. You can...

1. Track everything.

How are you supposed to make decisions about your business without an accurate overview of your sales process? It's important to have all the data, analysed at your finger tips so that you know what's going on where in your business.

2. Make decisions based on accurate data.

When you're moving forward with your new strategy , you wouldn't do so without running the numbers, right? An integrated CRM is able to give you historical, and real time data about your organisation, so that you can make your decisions are based on cold hard facts. Without knowing how long it can take a lead to convert to a sale, there's no way you can optimise the process. Without knowing what marketing campaign delivered the best cost per acquisition, or which campaign delivered most leads to your team, how can you decide what works best for the company?

3. Capitalise on your results.

When you've made your decisions and start implementing your work, you can track their effect in real time. This means that you can see the effect of your decisions immediately, allowing you to capitalise on strategies that work.

Could Tryoup's integrated CRM be right for you?

Tryoup integrates different aspects of your business to help you measure, track, and optimise so that your business performs at it's best. Get a demo today, and find out how Tryoup can optimise your business performance.

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