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The #1 biggest myth of sales in the plumbing industry

By Tryoup team on 12th June, 2020

“It’s really difficult for a plumbing business outside of London to thrive.”

As London is the largest city in the UK by population and has a huge demand for plumbing, it would be easy to assume you wouldn’t be as successful elsewhere. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Joseph Valente founded his business ImpraGas, located in Peterborough in 2012 and went on to win The Apprentice in 2015. In just 2 years he was able to buy back his shares from Lord Sugar! Now the business's annual turnover is £10 million with recent sales reaching £1 million a month. You can do the same too.

But, what is the key to such success? It starts with organisation and business scalability.

This may not sound simple, but it really is doable for everyone that is willing to accept new ideas and learn from those who are doing it.

All Services 4 U is a company based outside London, but they significantly improved the way their business is managed. They made the decision to stop relying on spreadsheets and working through a new mission control software. You can have this as well.

This allows them to manage each and every job, track its progress from start to finish and run the money side of things all through one easy to navigate place. Now All Services 4 U doesn’t hold or manage any stock - field workers and suppliers take control of that.

This saves so much time for further business growth, marketing their websites, and building a system that doesn't rely on MyBuilder or CheckaTrade!

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