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Does Your Job Management Software Do What You Need?

By Tryoup team on 1st December, 2018

Does the following scenario resonate with you - spending days trying to obtain and understand as much as possible about your business, which areas and activities are working, and which are not, the bigger picture, if you may? Days spent trying to figure how can you get things done faster, better & more efficient?

You find yourself spending time digging into confusing reports culled from various tools. You try to measure your marketing spend and profit, website performance, sales performance, etc. But it’s all so overwhelming and confusing.

At this stage, you might find yourself wondering, what if your job management software could do it all? Manage your field workers efficiently, track marketing & sales performance, show accurate ROI, and automate your business?

It’s time to ask yourself a simple question, is your current management software doing what you need it to do? And, if the answer is no, what do you aim to do about it?

Does your business management software reduce your workload with speed?

Nowadays you need to have features that make your team more efficient and fast at managing leads & sales, jobs and communication.

For example, dispatching software should include an integrated mobile app for fieldworkers that enables the office team to quickly schedule & dispatch jobs based on technician proximity and availability. This way you avoid dispatching someone that is far away from customer’s site or booked already for that slot. And when it comes to billing – must you print and snail mail each bill, or can you generate and send paperless invoices from customer sites using the technician’s mobile app, as the software experiences immediate and ongoing updates?

If your job management software isn’t enabling your company to go paperless, doesn’t update statuses automatically, is unsuccessful at improving communications and doesn’t include a mobile app for remote job management access by your fieldworkers, the answer is most definitely, no.

Can it reduce dependencies on third party software?

Aren’t you tired looking for multiple third-party tools and spending money on their integration and monitoring, without enjoying guaranteed results? Your software should be a unified hub for all your business performance and scheduling activities, and yes, it can be! At the end of the day, all business owners want to see a positive bottom line – ROI.

Occasionally, field service businesses rely on third parties to help optimize their website and run sponsored ads that generates leads. This is costly and requires time track, which you likely do not have in spades. So why piecing together solutions for call tracking, lead management, and analytics, you can receive all that from single source that will be sure to boost your bottom line?

Most importantly, is your software providing enough accurate, valuable data about your business?

What if your software could delve into the heart and mind of your business, and truly understand what makes it tick? What its pains are and what would lead to its promotion? If your software can figure all that out, good days will be sure to follow.

But if your job management software isn’t up to task, how will you know which calls were addressed, when and by which employees? Which Google campaign is profitable, and which isn’t? Are your SEO efforts working? Which technician is up-selling and which dispatcher is converting leads best?

Great software will help you understand how your call centre, marketing methods and sales processes are faring. It will present you with the accurate, valuable data you need to run your business. If your job management software isn’t doing what you need it to do, you need TRYOUP.

TRYOUP is an innovative job management & dispatching software that helps you manage workflow, monitor leads, track calls and balance your marketing budget. With easy-to-access analytical data, TRYOUP is the complete job management software solution that will take your business, and your bottom line, to new heights. For more information or book a demo visit here.

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