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How to Increase Employee Productivity & Boost Revenues

By Tryoup team on 1st July, 2018

Unlock your business potential with these great business management tips

ROI success depends on converting leads into invoices, expediting response time so customer satisfaction remains at an all-time high. But sometimes, there can be a pretty large discrepancy between the employee’s work and time spent on the job, especially during big projects, or when a bottleneck is reached. Luckily, businesses are starting to identify a need for a more hands-on, proactive and interactive method of performance management and have begun implementing successful solutions. Here are some great ways your business can increase employee productivity and subsequently boost revenues, without increasing existing employees’ hours, or hiring extra hands.

Court new recruits

While screening potential new employees for field-relevant knowledge and ability remains of prime significance, it is just as important to identify whether candidates fit in line with company culture - and to make them tantalizing offers they simply cannot refuse. An employee who is courted feels valued and is more likely to be motivated and productive, from the get-go.

Provide ongoing training

Studies have proven that training leads to greater efficiency and productivity. This is because, learning to use the latest field innovations and polishing up on skills they may not have used in a while can lead to new ways of tackling work issues and the faster of problems. Plus, it can be really exciting for employees to be able to try out new tools and technologies.

Promote a culture of autonomy

Manage your employees, but let them take the reins on day-to-day work activities. Encourage your employees to take ownership over their work: relax on the internet restrictions, allow periodic breaks, encourage self-care, schedule regular check-ins to ensure progress is being made and goals are being attained, but allow employees to work at a pace and in a way that best suits their individual style. Do not micro-manage, even though doing so is highly tempting.

Create open lines of communication

In general, engaged employees are more motivated and productive, obtaining better results and higher revenues for your business. To engage with your employees, create a culture of positive communication in the workplace. Clearly delineate the expectations you have of your employees and the responsibilities they must carry, but also make time and space for your employees to share their work-related thoughts, goals and needs.

Implement productivity-boosting tools and technology

To grow and tune your business, while making the most of the work your employees produce, enlist the help of the latest technological innovations for business management. Collect and aggregate the best data from the most relevant sources to learn everything you can about your workers: how they work, their strengths, weaknesses and the results they produce. Use a job management platform to successfully measure and optimize employee productivity and being to witness your company’s ROI soar. As far as business management software goes, Tryoup is the easiest way to manage workflow, monitor leads and track calls through easy to access analytical data designed to monitor your marketing budget.

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