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How To Create Leads and Convert Them to Jobs

By Tryoup team on 29th August, 2019

Our system allows you to track the progress of a lead, automatically identify its source and see how warm/cold it currently is. It makes the work with leads easier for multiple people and allows you to process leads efficiently once they come in.

We have two ways of creating leads in our system. The first one is to create them manually once there is an incoming call. Another one is having a telephone system integrated with Tryoup, which is much more efficient because this way you will be accurately tracking also the conversion of calls to leads - your call agents’ performance.

Let’s review this option. So, once you receive a call from a customer, the pop-up showing this call opens where you can create a lead or mark a call as junk in case it was not relevant (not related to our services). Click Create lead if it’s a “good call”. 


After that, you can see a page with the new lead creation form where the ''Phone number'' is filled automatically from the call. The ad campaign is also filled in because we know which phone number the customer dialed. (More about marketing campaigns setup in our next articles).


Now we can start putting info about the potential Job, pay attention that only after you choose Category you can proceed with assigning a Fieldworker. You can schedule a day for a prospective Job here or immediately dispatch fieldworker to do it now. 


Fill in Customer details, some details will be added automatically.  For example, Lead info, we see here that this Lead was created from a call.  If it is a manually created Lead, you can choose Channel and Source for it, as well as Campaign. 


Activity Log will show all the actions made on this lead, also you can use it for internal notes. Once all required info is filled in we can proceed in two ways: if it’s ok with a customer we click on Convert and visit Job, now we see the message asking Who and How should be notified, we choose what we need, for example, Fieldworker push notification (in the mobile app), then click on Save changes button.


In case the customer needs time to think it over you can Save Lead and return to it once the customer calls back or you follow him up.

You can also create a lead manually, let’s proceed to the left-side menu and choose   Leads, in the new window click on Create lead. Further, the procedure is the same, as after Lead from a call, but the customer phone number will not be added automatically and the ad campaign you will have to enter yourself.

Let’s return to Leads page, here we see the overview: the number of all leads, new (created, but not assigned), working and converted. You can use our filters for a more precise search. We have also a feature of canceling the lead with cancelation reason and putting a tag for working leads. But before we should proceed to Admin section, Settings, and create cancellation reasons, for example Too expensive,  or Out of the area. Also, we add tags here, they will tell us about the more detailed status of a Lead not even going inside, for example, Call Back and Follow up.

Let’s return to Leads page, so to cancel a Lead let’s choose it, here we click on the Junk button and choose a Cancellation reason here or even you can choose Other and state the reason you want, then confirm it. To add Tags, return to Leads page, choose a Lead and click on Add tag next to it, choose the tag you want to apply. Now you see which leads require to call back. Well, seems that we have discussed everything about Lead management, the next article will be devoted to Job management. See you in Tryoup!

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