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How to Manage Jobs in

By Tryoup team on 1st September, 2019

How to Manage Jobs in 

Welcome to Tryoup! We have made a big journey together, we've created a company in our system, Departments, and Categories, Profit strategies, created Users and learned how to create leads and convert them to Jobs, well done! In view of this now it is a great time to consider Job Management. 

So, once you have converted a Lead to a Job, now you should proceed to Job section to work with it. Let’s go to the left-side menu, choose Jobs and click on it. Well, we see the list of all Jobs created before with short info and their Status. Once you hover any Job id with your cursor you will see a pop up with job details, where you can cancel this job or put it on hold not even going inside. 

We can see Jobs as a List, there are a lot of filters for a more precise search. Pay attention that some filters are already chosen here by default, job status and job day, you can leave them or delete and choose the filters you need. 

Also here we see a statistic bar which tells us how many jobs are in progress or only scheduled, how many are on hold or done. We see the cancellation rate in percent and general Turnover. Also, you can see the dynamics - how well you are doing compared with the previous period in the past.

To continue working with a specific Job, we just click on it in the List and see a page with whole information. Here we can add details, make some changes, edit customer information, don’t forget to click on Update customer to save the changes you’ve made. 

Here you can listen to all the calls made at the lead’s stage and at the job’s stage as well. 

Then Billing details, here we see all billing information about this Job, numbers in invoice items are automatically transferred here from the Quote section you filled in the Lead. Fieldworker can add or change this info from the mobile application, or it can be updated here in the Web application.  

In addition, we have such a great feature as Jobs Timeline, once you click on it, you see all Jobs in Timeline, Fieldworkers that were assigned to them, you can change them if you need, you can shift Fileworkers here to order the way you need, also you can see Jobs according to Departments you have created before.

If you click on an empty window you can set the off hours for your Fledworkers, for one specific day or create a schedule. 

And finally, we have the option of downloading the Jobs Report in CSV format. Return to the Jobs page and you will find it there, click on it, you can choose items you want to see in your Report and click on Download Report, then open it. 

Well, that is all for now about Job management, hope everything is clear and you enjoy the time with us! Waiting for you in our next tutorial, see you in Tryoup!

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