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What can be automated in your plumbing business?

By Tryoup team on 24th July, 2020

Ever wonder if your field service business could be even better?

As your business stands, the usual routine may include spreadsheets, paper invoices, dispatchers struggling to remember how much they quoted on the phone earlier and a hectic business calendar. Even multiple calls to find a suitable technician who is available to accept a job before being able to confirm the appointment with a you see where I'm going with this?

We all know this process, it’s been going since the ’80s. But we're now in 2020, and these things have evolved. Let’s show you how every step of this standard job cycle can be made simpler with automation!

1. Dispatch by GEO location

When a call comes in, you can easily add all of the job details straight into the system. Technicians have an integrated mobile app with location settings enabled, allowing the software to automatically allocate the best person for the job based on GEO location and availability. Helping you increase your customer service response time!

2. Billing & Invoicing

As soon as a technician finishes a job, they can add further details in the mobile app, including the service provided, parts and materials they sold to the customer and more. Once they mark the job as complete in the app, an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the customers' email. This way, there is no need for technicians to communicate with the office team. Any information they need is instantly updated on the software, making your business completely paperless with speedy customer service.

3. Money Settlement & Payouts

Tired of printing invoices and the hassle of chasing people for payment updates? Tryoup uses Stripe which enables you to have your own in-person checkout. Now the job is done and paid immediately, and the system will automatically send payment updates to the office team and even calculate how much profit the technician is owed for each job.

All Services 4U are one of the many companies that have revolutionised their business in this way. Daily processes have been cut down and are now a lot smoother and accurate, and all parties are always up to date in just a few clicks. As a result, the software has saved the office team 2 days of work a week! No more spreadsheets or manual calculations!

If you want to find out more about how we can help your business work smarter, check out more of our features or just contact us!

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